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Hi there! How are you all guys?

check my diary. I write diary on Sundays. Not on every Sunday but on specific ones. I name my diary as “Dreamy Dreams(DD)”.

This is my fiction version. Sometimes we live in so much rigidness that there comes a real need of informality. This informality comes in many forms varying from chatting, hobby activities, social gathering etc. there also comes a real need of some informality in writing genres. This informality is called fiction.

What will be your life when there is no other activity is allowed than reading your syllabus books? No informal gathering is allowed.

What will you do?

You will be frustrated in some manner. And you will appeal for informality for sure. That’s why I am forced to write some informal stuff. Although I have not been a literature student ever but I will write spontaneously as the word comes in my mind. I am not so much aware about genres in writing. This is something what gives me satisfaction & connects me with like minded people. My work is over here.


Chapter 1 – Childhood



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