All about Terrorism


21st century is continuously facing the problem of terrorism .terrorism is an religious ideology that has turned in political tone now . there is war to get political supremacy and this is generating the problem of terrorism .

The west asia is experiencing consistent livelihood problems caused by war . the ongoing war in Syria , Iran-Saudi Arabia , Yemen crisis etc all have resulted into terror activities in the region . ISIS and Al-Qaeda have emerged in such conditions . they hate the democracy and leading towards autocracy in the long time period .

South Asia is also destabilised due to terrorism . the major parent of terrorism in South Asia is Pakistan . Taliban and LeT have their influence over the region .

The increasing periphery of the terrorism in the world is bad .
Terrorism is causing so many problems in the world as –
1 . increased autocracy
2 . Refugee crisis
3 . Livelihood problems
4 . Illegal child & woman trafficking , smuggling , counterfeit currency market etc .

Therefore , Terrorism is the devil which need to be ended as soon as possible otherwise there will be massacre of cruelty till death . the govt should focus on attitudinal change .

Avdhesh Dadhich