Are you a child?


Then who you are?

I think you are still a child. A child always lives inside our sole. This is another thing that sometimes we forget about that child. Sometimes that child cries, inside a deep end of your heart, in loneliness, in exile, in black midnights, in your failures that child cries.

Still you don’t believe that I am true.

Don’t believe.

Who I am who is forcing you to believe in above prescribed passage.

I am no one .

But you will find your child form in some one way or another. You love something the most & have tender towards that. You seek for that but your destiny is worse than anyone. Now this child cries.

you have not been good at academics & in dilemma of choosing right career. Unfortunately you chose wrong career option which you are not interested in. again this child cries.

You are a successful person. You have achieved your feat. You are satisfied with your performance. But for assuring that success you have sacrificed a lot. You are not happy with the success. Again this child cries.

There may be many circumstances when our child form occurs.

We can’t hide that. We are made such by the nature. After all we are human beings not the machines.

This is my own perspective. Your views may be slightly different on the philosophical horizon. Every individual has its own philosophy towards the life.

I respect every mind.

Are you board up .

You may ask – is this a diary ?

Where is that so-called informality ?

Okay !

So let’s have a dip in some personal stuffs .

Hey ! look at your face. a curious glory has come on your face as u listened that I am going to reveal my secrets.

Why we people have tendency to know about someone`s personal space. All our worries go away when we talk about others.

Why we are not so concerned about ours.

What is happening in our lives, are our lives on right track?

Who cares for own. After all we are human.

Hang all such my diary (Dreamy Dreams).

So, I am Avdhesh .

A boy, a dreamer, a bookworm(sometimes), a writer, a romantic person(sometimes), an obedient son, a poet, a brother [there are so many nouns to be included but I end here] after all a human being.

I also have same desires that a human has. I also want to get immense success,  be an obedient son, & many more. The list goes on . after all I am human.

Human is made such. Not my fault here.

Now I am on the planet since 21 years. So young in the comparison of earth.

But I am to tell you my breaths …….

Keep your eyes on ………



Avdhesh Dadhich


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