Are you young , energetic , dreamer ?
If yes, then the word “fantasy” is not new for you, for sure.
What is fantasy ?
Can’t describe?
Let me do so for you.
Being in early twenties I have fantasies, too.
Fantasy means imaginations. Where you create your own beautiful world. You allow dragon to fly, you allow yourself to fall in love with a fairy, you allow moon to hang on your window, you allow yourself to be immortal with immense power, you allow yourself to do anything so easily.
You create a world of fantasy where everything is possible. What can’t be done on earth, is possible in this world. You can choose anyone to be mingle with. You can fly wherever you want to. You can laugh at anyone & can clear any toughest exam just in overnight.
You can create what you want.
Is that possible ?
Yeah…in your mind.
Vast fantasies exist inside your mind.
Everyone has his/her fantasies. So you , & so I & so any third person has fantasies.
In other words, fantasy is life that push you to go ahead.
Some fantasies never come true. They simply exist in your heart for ages.
Then why we have such fantasies that never come true.
Because we are human. We always try to be optimistic whatever the situation is. More far the fantasy is, greater you will tend to live.
Everyone has fantasies. In short life is not possible without dreams , so it becomes essential.
So have that innocent fantasy alive. Fantasy will never come true , don’t bother. You will cross the life smoothly staring at that fantasy.
Choose fantasy, life is subordinate to it.

I would be having more fantasies.
…. means more life ahead .

Would you ?


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