Shiva Shiwar Ghushmeshwara | Navratra Celebration | RJ Swaraazmaa

Navratra has begun and so we are too. RJ swaraazma production house has created something energetic for you. 

with no time wasting, first mingle with their gift to you .


I am pretty much sure that now you have got thrilled with the awesome song across your heart. In this song you have found the story of shiva incarnation ofshiwar ( twelfth jyotirling of shiva) alongwith the reason of drug addiction among youth on the name of god shiva pointing Shiva as a drug addictor. The Lyrics goes beyond this , appealing youth to look shiva with their internal eyes.

At end part there is an appeal to shiva to come and redefine the actual meaning of Shiva among youth .

The song is a mix of classical genre and hip hop Rapp. Saurabh Pareek , a versatile singer based in Shiwar has given his voice for the song. 

Go handy with song and download Mp3 from,  Click here

Swaraazma is likely to keen with music as it creates music for beginners, veterans.

If you want to be part of their family ,  Subscribe on youtube


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