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  1. It is horrendous that a girl was held hostage and raped in a temple. Temples are abodes of god. Rapists call themselves Hindu, but have no respect for Hindu beliefs and traditions. A policeman raped her. Police is supposed to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Yet police man trampled on the faith people should repose on protectors of weak. A juvenile raped her. He came from a distant city to rape her. Finally, a person took a shot at her battered bruised body, before killing her. Am I reading a real life incident or a crime thriller. People who should uphold law, tried to protects rapists and killers and raised tricolour. Has our tricolour become so trivial that it is used to shield rapists and killers? Is this why soldiers give up their lives, mother their son, wives their husbands in the honour of tricolour?

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