Let Knowledge be Simple and Funny

Hi lovely people

How are you doing? 

We have landed this time with the bundle of humour. Yes, we have launched Vines series on the you tube and it is getting massive response from the targeted audience. 

oh, You have seen many vines on YT. But dear ladies and gentlemen this is something new in the crowed. Yes, we have come with Educational Vines ( EV) where we would be giving relevant information to the people in a funny way. We see that rural people are not always able to know about the welfare schemes that were designed for them. Due to illiteracy they dont get appropriate information about govt. initiatives.

So we would be trying to touch those people through our videos where people will get those worthy English stuff in their own language.

So what are you waiting for?

Watch out our very First EV.

There is something more on our youtube channel that will make you laugh endless. Don`t believe on me. Okay , have a look On this funny video . You will laugh above my expectations, i am pretty much sure.

We have luxurious stuff for your entertainment. Be it Songs, Poems, Comedy, You will find something good always.

So bless us with your subscription on YT .

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