At the age of 21

I am 21

quiet mature and quiet immature

having immense dreams in eyes

going in the thick forest

having bundled of expectations on shoulders

in order to become a successful person

and to eat all tensions of parents

also seeking  for something magical to happen

same as a beggar desires to marry moon

and also installing some new ideas

as play store updates apps in android phone

I lay on the roof in midnight with folding elbows

kissing the chin of moon in my wild fantasies

then sudden I recall the rigid rules of the society

same as a thief fears while entering in royal zone

I also wish to play with thousand of butterflies

but soon i recall the way of thrones

that is mentioned in tales of all geniuses

meanwhile An uninvited adviser pours his sermons on me

Same as Sindbaad always gets a path shower in Alif Laila

I am given a list of Do`s and Dont`s everytime

like I haven`t learnt even a single word yet

I look at the career options before me

same as a child looks through the pores of blanket

Sometimes Fantasy and reality get mingled

And I become confused whether to do or just escape away

Because I am 21.



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4 thoughts on “At the age of 21

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  1. This beautiful poem reminded me of a bitter-sweet feeling, a magical and impatient wait of so many paths to discover…that was for me being 21…thank you for sharing your beautiful written voice with the world. And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!
    Many blessings,

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