At the age of 21

I am 21

quiet mature and quiet immature

having immense dreams in eyes

going in the thick forest

having bundled of expectations on shoulders

in order to become a successful person

and to eat all tensions of parents

also seeking  for something magical to happen

same as a beggar desires to marry moon

and also installing some new ideas

as play store updates apps in android phone

I lay on the roof in midnight with folding elbows

kissing the chin of moon in my wild fantasies

then sudden I recall the rigid rules of the society

same as a thief fears while entering in royal zone

I also wish to play with thousand of butterflies

but soon i recall the way of thrones

that is mentioned in tales of all geniuses

meanwhile An uninvited adviser pours his sermons on me

Same as Sindbaad always gets a path shower in Alif Laila

I am given a list of Do`s and Dont`s everytime

like I haven`t learnt even a single word yet

I look at the career options before me

same as a child looks through the pores of blanket

Sometimes Fantasy and reality get mingled

And I become confused whether to do or just escape away

Because I am 21.



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Thank you readers.

Keep loving in the same way.

Let him become He


Let the arms of moon spread towards me
My soul is becoming valiant nowadays
Let an invisible fragrance penetrate in my veil
My veil is full with smell  of the ethnicity
I am boy
I am Brahmin
I am such
Blah blah blah
Let me seek Love
Instead of ugly Hates
Let my fingers type some untouched areas
Where A boy lives
In miseries
Gazing at moon in midnights
Lying naked on sand
Looking after riches
Holding umbrella for riches
Let government of universe smile on him
Let him posses his own umbrella
Let all inequalities die
Let him become He.


The Grand Reunion

Campus of my school


Summers have been passing for the years.This summer was not new for them. But the Grand Friday came yesterday. When we old school friends met each another. They enlightened the vacant spaces between hearts that has been turned in to deep ditches.

It was an sudden Idea that came in my mind that why should not we all school friends meet again in the same way. Then I created an event and posted it on Facebook group of School that is hosted by me. The Old Friends that were seemed as to be buried somewhere came into the fore. I was quiet amazed. My Idea got mix Response.

Finally The day was yesterday and what happened was impeccable. Now Let yourself to read below….


Clouds have covered the sky with the early morning as they already knew that some innocent hearts are going to meet today. Why to burn their faces by sun rays. They accepted burning of themselves instead of us lovely guys.

Love was there in the wind that was blowing same as breeze blows alongside the shore. Beautiful souls wrapped out in the beautiful outfits reached the school campus. A hidden flute started to  play with mute voice inside the hearts and all hearts allowed themselves to dance on that rhythm as soon as we all hugged each other. An invisible ray coming from heaven entered in our body as we touched the feet of our teachers.

Entertainment surpassed the boundaries when we reached in the class. That mutual gossips were recalled where we have left.

Friends didn`t came with bare hands. Entrepreneurship also came with them. Bundled of Progressive ideas for future in various fields also came in the light. 

A healthy talk with old friends generates energy and gives you the capability of fighting even with the worst devil. But there was some more thing for nourishment. “kachauries” with “chatani” changed the moment. No one was able to stop their nostrils to become excited due to spicy fragrance of Kachouries. All of us went foody. 

Now it was time to talk. Now I must tell that Talking is the only thing we all have mastery on. Leave us alone and never serve us food, We can fill our stomaches only with gossips…..(Lol)hahahahahaha

The grin over faces tells the story behind the tale

Now Bonanza was tending towards destination. The leaving phase, when we all need to move on. we cant stop our eyes to swallow that poison of departure. We Recalled the very moment of our splendid farewell party when we were told to go our way freely. We went in different directions in search of some hidden treasure on the guiding of our papa and loved ones. 

This phase again came. But this time eyes were filled with drops of nectar due to some new refreshment. We all are quiet optimistic about next Reunion with more buddy crowd.


With Tremendous Love










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