The Smiling Girl

I know a girl. Not a girl, A fairy indeed.

She didn`t know how to weep

And I was the master of grief

One day she came to me to learn

How to cry, scream and weep

I taught her the very basics of  the weeping

She worked hard and listened me carefully

And tried my every principle beautifully

She made and compiled the notes

That were wet due to my pains

Which I used to to tell her in the class

Now it was her weeping exam

She tried to weep as I taught

But her smiley face voided every single try

Because she was smiling queen

Now it was her turn to teach me

How to grin, laugh and smile

While I only knew the ugly exile

She taught me the very basic fundamentals

Revealed the secrets of smiling

Unleashed the fragrance via face

I prepared well before exam

The questions were easy

I Started smiling and went on

I attempted all

I filled many supplementary copies

Untill she stopped me


I passed the examination

Now I smile ,too.




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