Hi Everybody

Today some tiny but lovely achievements came.

I want to describe one by one.

1. My Andoid App

Now it is not so difficult to read my posts. I have created an App where you can catch me in a better way.

So now you don`t need to access the browser again and again. Just, Download the App.


2. 200+ followers on Blog

I am very grateful to my fellow bloggers to make me able to write more in a better way. I never thought about having 200+ followers so soon. But I have this feat and this has encouraged me to put fire in the torch.

I met with many lovely and talented bloggers in the journey. Though naming such persons seems like showing mirror to sun. But I found some Bloggers close to my heart while reading them.

Thank you so much. keep rendering your Love in the same way.

Looking forward to meet some awesome people in the journey ahead.


3. 1000+ Likes

Again a bunch of gratitude to you bloggers. only you made this possible.

Just 39 blog posts and 1000+ posts like. I am much delighted.

Though many of you have crossed this mark and getting 1000+ likes in a single day.But this happened for me for the first time so let me indulge in a victory feeling.

Keep blessing.


Keep pouring your Love and Blessings.







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