Blue Sky Tag Blog Award

Awards are always beautiful and motivator to one`s zeal. An award gives you the reason to go ahead though the whole world is against you. such awards come in your way to tell you that your work is not going in garbage. There is someone who notices you, your writings. The awards give us a feel of being an existed person.

In the same way of awards a lovely blog award comes in my blog wardrobe. I personally want to thank DeoRahulSharma for nominating me for the award. Rahul is lovely blogger. He picks up the pen and talks with blank paper and paper becomes alive after he completes his knitted words on it. It is always nice to read his posts. please visit his blog, here.


Rules for the Award

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer.


My Answers

1. Why you write?

Ans- well, I write because I believe that written things lasts for ages than the said words. By writing I improve my skills and also willing to write some masterpieces in near future. And writing nourishes my minds vacant places same as drawing paintings on canvass.


2. Which is your favourite place?

Ans- India. I love my India the most. It has heaven on the earth- Kashmir.


3. Who is closest to your heart?

Ans- My parents are closest to my heart. Next, My trustworthy friends are also closer to me. I am looking forward to make some more people closer to my heart. Come and show your capability to touch my heart.


4. What you think about yourself?

Ans- okay , I am a very lazy person. Some times I become procrastinator and try to conquer the world only by imaginations and wish for being a magician. But on the very next moment I throw away all the lazyness and start working hard for my goal.


5. Most painful moment of your life?

Ans- I am the lord of the pain. ……hahahahahaha Lol

All of us have great pains beneath the surface of soft heart. If people are allowed to describe their pain… I think there would an ocean be invented…for sure…

So I never make excuses of being caught up in pains. Rather I look at present and available resources around me…I only try to grab them… sometimes when pain tends to become mammoth as devil, I close my eyes and kiss the chin of sweet moon on my roof in the full moonlight and create a beautiful poem under the dim light while remembering someone special….(Top Secret)


6. Your favourite food?

Ans- I am a Rajasthani Brahmin Boy , who loves “Daal, Baati, Choorma” without any exception at all.


7. Most beautiful moment of Life?

Ans- Not yet , waiting eagerly for the same…..


8. Any wish which you want to see in reality?

Ans-  Very dangerous question…. there some wishes lik -e I want to become successfull person, want to make a huge money, also want to lay in arms of a fairy…..(Lol)


9. Your favourite book?

Ans- I have not read so much…  I love Munshi Premchand in Hindi. Recently I completed “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho”. I also love my tiny book Weaving The Threads .


10. Any person you want to meet?

Ans- Hahahahaha…. again a great question…. your questions are simple but dangerous…

I want to meet Salman Khan, Barak Obama and many others… The list is endless


11. Name Anything you hate the most?

Ans- No one…..


MY Nominations are

  1. Madhusudhan singh
  2. Inspire High
  3. Esther
  4. Tapasi
  5. bheartstealer
  6. Misstalkholic
  7. रजनी की रचनाएँ
  8. दिल की किताब
  9. Aaditya Rao
  10. Naren
  11. Sreepriyamenon

My Questions


  1. Why you write?
  2. When you were happy with life?
  3. What you don`t want never in life?
  4. How to change the world?
  5. Best thing in you?
  6. Best thing in my blog.
  7. Any suggestion to improve my blog.
  8. Music doesn`t know the languages, it walks through heart. What can be such thing in human that works without language. And how to get that thing?
  9. Your favourite Color?
  10. Whom you love the most?
  11. What you would do if you are blessed with magical powers for one day?


Thank you very much for the lovely blog award.


Spreading Love in universe…









The Smiling Girl

I know a girl. Not a girl, A fairy indeed.

She didn`t know how to weep

And I was the master of grief

One day she came to me to learn

How to cry, scream and weep

I taught her the very basics of  the weeping

She worked hard and listened me carefully

And tried my every principle beautifully

She made and compiled the notes

That were wet due to my pains

Which I used to to tell her in the class

Now it was her weeping exam

She tried to weep as I taught

But her smiley face voided every single try

Because she was smiling queen

Now it was her turn to teach me

How to grin, laugh and smile

While I only knew the ugly exile

She taught me the very basic fundamentals

Revealed the secrets of smiling

Unleashed the fragrance via face

I prepared well before exam

The questions were easy

I Started smiling and went on

I attempted all

I filled many supplementary copies

Untill she stopped me


I passed the examination

Now I smile ,too.



Liebster Blog Award

I think this is celebration day.As I was enjoying my some other achievements today the LIEBSTER came on my way to bless me ahead. Thank you Pooja for wishing me and nominating me for LIEBSTER Award. LIEBSTER, a German word, Similar to English words  beloved, dear,darling,Sweetheart,Lovely etc. So thank you.

Pooja, who writes from the core of her heart, is a better blogger than me(Lol). She beautifully creates words and has magnet in her pen which automatically arrests reader to read her blog from very first to last end. you dont believe, Just visit her Blog, here.



1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.

2)Answer 11 questions the blogger gave to you.

3) Give 11 random facts about yourself.

4) Nominate 11 blogs

5) Notify them.

6) Give them 11 questions to answer.


So these are 11 questions bombarded on me by Pooja and my arrows in my defense.

Q.1.  What action of a person you hate most?

Ans- I hate Arrogance the most. No matter the god of fortune kisses you everyday and you are blessed with the magical stick. You should always live with politeness. But what if someone`s name is Arrogance but she/he is polite then I would love her/him.


Q.2. What is your favourite food?

Ans- yes, order some delicious food on my table. I will write after having food. mouth is filled with water. I love food.

But if you ask , I tell. My favourite food is “Daal , Bati , Choorma”. I am a Rajasthani Brahmin Boy. And it is proverb in my area that “brahmin” never misses this food So I also have such genes inside…. hahahahahahaha….LoL


Q.3. Do you Believe in Horoscope? Why?

Ans- No dear, I dont. though I followed horoscopes for sometime but then fell within some boundaries that I did only the things that were written there. I was confused about astrology. you can read a full post by me on this thing. So I love to walk on hard rock with my best horoscope – My Willpower .( sounds philosophical )…….But true


Q.4. what inspires you to write?

Ans-well, a very beautiful girl told me to write. …..Lol

Oaky, I see many people in the misery. They have adequate resources but misuses them. So I want to generate a difference via attitudinal change among them. This thing penetrates in me and I pick my pen to write a new post. Some other times I also love to knit my own happiness and pain in words.


Q.5 Your craziest Moment?

Ans- Hahahahaha….. very funny. first you give your answer then I`ll.

in short. She rejected me and I went crazy…sorry…craziest


Q.6. Your favourite Line/Phrase from songs/Movies etc?

Ans- yeah… I love this song sung By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from Ishqiya.

“Esi uljhi nazar unse hat ti nahi

daant se reshmi dor kat ti nahi

umrr kab ki baras ke safeed ho gyi

kaari badari jawani ki chaat ti nahi

walla ye dhadakan badhne lagi hai

chehre ki rangat udne lgi hai

darr lgta hai tanha sone mai ji

dil toh bachha hai ji”

Q.7. Your best achievement?

Ans- hurrah….., I have published my Book “WEAVING THE THREADS“. many achievements are yet to come. I am trying to pursue the goddess of fortune consistently…..(Blinking one Eye)


Q.8. What best thing you like about my blog ?

Ans- what i dont want in life is being a judge. As I read you, I find that My soul is caught in ur blog`s comment boxes. You are a worthy Ink bottle……..Pooja…..just open the cork and fall on paper.


Q. 9. Any suggestion to improve my blog?

Ans- Two dangerous questions consecutively. I never can give best suggestions to anyone, even to me.

If I say,  just write down your heart. dont give up. follow your rules. Have a candle in hands and travel the unseen places with your writings. Handsome fortune is nearby to kiss you.


Q. 10. If you were taking your last breath and were granted some hours free with two options – what will you choose ?

  • Spend last time with someone special
  • Get a big cushiony bed with pillows to sleep?

Ans-  off course the first one……, who would choose the second one…… hahahahahaha,  Lol


Q.11. Why have you joined WordPress?

Ans- yup.. I always loved writing since my schooldays and maintained a diary. But I felt that there is no inspiration because no one had time to review so that i can write some masterpieces. Then I pushed myself to sign up on wordpress. And I am amazed to see that I found an another world there what I was hungry for.


11 random facts about me 

  1. stubborn
  2. bookish
  3. shayar
  4. pure at heart
  5. quiet Handsome
  6. Lazy
  7. Love parents
  8. Bookworm
  9. Love sleeping
  10. Love Cycle riding
  11. Love cricket


My nominees are…

  1. Rekha sahay
  2. Eliza Rudolf
  3. Just Me
  4. Pearled Feelings
  5. Crimsonshadow11
  6. Vaibhav Verma
  7. पवित्रा-sacred- पाकीज़ा
  8. chicwithmessybun
  9. Thoughts of sheryl
  10. Pawan Belala
  11. My valiant soul


My questions to nominees


  1. what is Love? describe
  2. Can you give your all passwords to someone. why ?
  3. which language do you speak when you are angry?
  4. How to propose our beloved?
  5. Your best achievement till date.
  6. what you like in my blog ?
  7. any suggestion for improvement in blog and writings ?
  8. If you are blessed with America`s president tag. what you would love to do first thing.
  9. whom you are writing for. what inspires you?
  10. your favourite books?
  11. everyone wants to go in their childhood. why you want to go in those days.


So this was the lovely LIEBSTER. thank you again for coming my way.


Immense Love








Hi Everybody

Today some tiny but lovely achievements came.

I want to describe one by one.

1. My Andoid App

Now it is not so difficult to read my posts. I have created an App where you can catch me in a better way.

So now you don`t need to access the browser again and again. Just, Download the App.


2. 200+ followers on Blog

I am very grateful to my fellow bloggers to make me able to write more in a better way. I never thought about having 200+ followers so soon. But I have this feat and this has encouraged me to put fire in the torch.

I met with many lovely and talented bloggers in the journey. Though naming such persons seems like showing mirror to sun. But I found some Bloggers close to my heart while reading them.

Thank you so much. keep rendering your Love in the same way.

Looking forward to meet some awesome people in the journey ahead.


3. 1000+ Likes

Again a bunch of gratitude to you bloggers. only you made this possible.

Just 39 blog posts and 1000+ posts like. I am much delighted.

Though many of you have crossed this mark and getting 1000+ likes in a single day.But this happened for me for the first time so let me indulge in a victory feeling.

Keep blessing.


Keep pouring your Love and Blessings.








इत्तेफ़ाकन जो कभी मेरी क़िताब उनके हाथ लगे ।
सफ़े सफ़े पर पत्थर कलेजा भी बाहर निकल पड़े ।।

आंख का काजल लुढ़क जाए नाज़ुक गालों पर ।
आंसू गिरे दमादम, जैसे जून महीने में बरखा पड़े ।।

जब कत्थई हो जाये आंखें खूनी दरिया के बह जाने से ।
तो हाथ उठें ऐसें, जैसे माह ए रमज़ान में कोई नमाज़ पढ़े ||

किताब को कलेजे से इस कदर वो चिपका के घूमे ।
जैसे दर्ज़ी हसीना के दामन में कोई बेशकीमती हीरा गढ़े ||



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किसका है …


ये अँधेरा शब का नहीं है तो फिर किसका है |

अँधेरे में रखा दीया तेरा नहीं तो फिर किसका है ||


आज मेरी तरफ ही बढ़ रही है आग़ न जाने क्यों |

आग़ में पतंगा तेरा नहीं है तो फिर किसका है ||


आज अदब से सर झुक रहा है इतने दिनों बाद |

ये सजदा अगर रब का नहीं तो फिर किसका है ||


राह में चलते हुए निशान ए इश्क मिला है जैसे |
 ये पत्थर मंजिल का नहीं तो फिर किसका है ||


स्याह रात में बैठकर एक ख़त लिखा गया था |

ये आखिरी ख़त भी उनका नहीं तो फिर किसका है ||



मेरी और रचनाये पढ़े, यहां


मेरी किताब ख़रीदे , यहां



The Cycle Guy

Hi everyone!

I think All of you know how to ride a bicycle,  for sure. But what you think about living the cycle.

The two tires, one handle and paddles.How one can live with a cycle?

But there is a man sitting on the seat, sweating from head to toe, having some dreams in eyes, having an iron will inside his heart, rides the cycle as like a child. Ankit Arora, hailing from Ajmer, Rajasthan, became Rajasthan’s first “Super Randonneur” after his amazing 600km cycle ride. National Record of “Non-Stop” cycling for 702 kms within 69.38 hours on the Indian Golden Triangle route., The National Cyclist, based in Jaipur, has also traversed the highest peak in Rajasthan near Mt Abu- Gurushikhar and a cross country solo expedition through Rajasthan, loves his cycle same as an aeroplane. Ankit, My friend, allowed me to capture his gut by this post. He is very candid while talking and enthusistic while chasing his dreams.

Just pick the back seat of his bicycle & travel his world. He is going to thrill you, Believe me .


Q. Hi Ankit! Welcome to my blog. I am very glad to see you. Finally time allowed you to share your world with my readers.

Ankit- Thank you Avdhesh! this is not like that. I am also glad to see you. (laughs)

Q. Tell us about yourself.

Ankit- I hail from Ajmer and I am a CA drop out turned Cyclist with a belief in the adage “you only live twice once when you are born and next when you travel solo.” A nerd who escaped out of the balance sheets to become a blogger beyond the borders.

Writing travel tales brings solace to me when I explore the world on two pedals and a saddle with a diary in hand and meets strangers to weave stories.

I currently work as a freelance journalist with an English daily newspaper in Jaipur and as a travel blogger for some digital media platforms.I insatiable desire to test My mettle on the uncertain roads, and the quest for inspiring stories of hundreds of people keeps me going.

Q. What made you to pick a cycle for the very first time despite being a CA student?

Ankit-  For me personally, I get lost into a wonderland while I’m cycling. The hour or hour and a half of cycling goes by in a fraction of a second. Even Scientists are confirming what most cyclists instinctively know – that riding a bike has extraordinary effects on our brain chemistry.

Chasing a dream with a professional career is altogether different. One gets to learn balancing one’s obsession with professional life. I learnt it when countless hours were spent chasing the resources related to my bicycle modification, arrangement of solar panels and designing a campaign for waste management. I remember some words by Albert Einstein, “ Life is like a cycle, in order to maintain a balance you need to pedal on regularly.”

After having worked in my job tediously for 12 hours a day I used to practice in the morning and sometimes in the night. And as I always have inculcated nocturnal habits so my nights were spent sipping a hell lot of black coffee while finishing documentations related to this ride. I still remember those sleepless nights spent for three months in an inexorable pursue of my dream.

Q. From where you started your journey?

Ankit – My journey started in Jaipur, The Pink City of India.

There are multiple reasons to treasure my life spent in Jaipur like this is the place where my life started making sense. It was Jaipur where I started cycle adventures that gave me the chance to live my dreams of becoming a writer and journalist that I have been chasing unceasingly. So all and all life in this city has been a roller coaster ride which has made me restless and has favoured me with all its treasure.

Q. Well, How you have lived your Cycle Love till now? Share some of your journeys and achievements with us.

Ankit- Yes, Cycle penetrates directly from my nostrils to my heart in order to make me alive. (grins)

You can see my achievements here below

1.) National Record of “Non-Stop” cycling for 702 km within 69.38 hours on the Indian Golden Triangle route. I recently created a National Record in “India Book of Records” for the first ever non-geared, self supported, solo cycle ride on the Indian Golden Triangle (Jaipur-Agra-Delhi) route. The record was made for 702 km within 69.38 hours of non-stop riding. It was a sponsored expedition. The home ministry of Rajasthan and Indian scouts team also supported this endeavor.


Below are the links to the coverage of my record journey on various print media platforms for your ready reference.

  1. News of Rajasthan:
  2. All About Jaipur Blog –
  3. Indian Women Blog:

D. Half Baked Beans:


2.) “Super Randonneur” Title from France earned first time in Rajasthan: In 2016, I became the first cyclist from the state of Rajasthan to earn the prestigious title of “Super Randonneur” from “Audax Club Parisien”, a renowned cycle club headquartered in France. 

3.) 12,000 kms in 6 Indian States: My cycle travels have taken me to 6 north Indian states covering 12,000+ kms in the last 1.5 years inspired by a million of smiling faces I got to meet on my way.

4.) 600 km cycling in 37.5 hours of Non Stop cycling from India gate to Wagha border ride: This was another challenging journey with 600 km cycle ride from India Gate to Wagha Border, successfully completed within 37.5 hours.

5.) 24 cities, 4 states and a UT in 4 days:- In 2015, I paddled for 520 kms through 4 states viz Uttarakhand, UP, Haryana and Rajasthan and a union territory of New Delhi covering 24 cities in just 4 days.

Q. What are your future projects?


New Cycle Expedition on 25th June 2017

Being an endurance athlete I again wish to test my iron. So here I present my next challenge that I will attempt for a record.My next big exploration starting on 25th June will take me on a journey of approx. 25,000 kms covering 3 countries- India, Nepal and Bhutan in 5 Months. Below is the brief introduction of my journey:-

· 21,000 km in All-India tour with 2 Asian countries – I’ll cycle through all 29 states and 7 UTs in India combined with 2 beautiful neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan. Cycling through all the Indian states will be a new entry into ” Limca Book of records “ and “India book of Records”.

So before going on my next journey to 4 countries, I`ll be leaving Jaipur where I spent 2.5 years.

Q. Best of luck. Tell something more about this journey. I am excited .


I’m doing this journey to live one of the best adventures of my life. Through this journey I wish to live the travel dreams of millions of people who for one reason or other do not dare to set out to fulfill their dreams, by sharing my experiences, filled with some of the best unheard travel tales. Some of my prominent believes for this journey are : For the below Social campaigns Govt. Officials and and NGO are helping me out already.

1) Promoting Tribal children and their sports- I’ll be visiting the slum areas and Tribal areas in every Indian state to promote sports and fitness and real stories of our rich culture.

2) “Cycle to Recycle”, to promote Solar Energy by installing solar panels on cycle and charging my mobile, laptops and lights during the journey- I’ll install solar panels on my bicycle and will charge all my gadgets with the help of these panels.

3) Child Education- I’ll be interacting with children from various NGOs and schools, which are working for less privileged kids, throughout my route, sharing my travel stories and facts about India and its rich culture, which will give them access to some real inspiring stories coupled with better outlook for the future. For underprivileged children to become a knowledgeable citizen, an interaction with their surroundings and the outer world is a must.

4) New Cycle Record: This will be an attempt for a new national record in both “India Book of Records” and “Limca Book of Records” for visiting each of the states and UTs in India on cycle in less than 5 months.

 So next I am embarking upon my big Cycle journey to the all 29 states and 7 UTs in India with 3 beautiful neighbor countries of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. I will be covering 21,000 km to know the true soul of our country.

Q. Good, you are not just mere a cyclist but an alive heart too, who concerns about country and underprivileged society when he is not on his bicycle.

Ankit- Thanks Avdhesh.

Q. How to contact you?

Ankit- Anyone can contact me so easily  by below links 



My own Blog:

My event fb page:

Q. Your message to Youngsters. 

Ankit- – My escapades till date have turned out to be a great teachings for me that no book ever can render. And the foremost thing that I learnt from this challenge is to overcome our limits and fear of failure which lies deep down inside us. so just ask from yourself whether you are going to learn or not. It is only up to you.

Q. Thank you so much Ankit for sharing your cycling world with us. Best of luck for your future endeavors. 

Ankit – Thank you so much. (leaves)


“Enthusiasts like Ankit are the real trend setters and give the motivation for people to take up any activity and put your heart and soul in it. For Ankit especially, cycling is something that does not exhaust him, but something that calms him.”

– Avdhesh










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