How to solve Pakistan problem


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  1. Well some points as country were relevant, but when you refer to Pakistan it includes every single person who lives their, I think yes some could really good things, and the title, Pakistan is like any other country and when two countries fight it is either because of military or politics. Common people of each country are innocent. Pakistan is not a problem, the title should have been problem with Pakistan. Great post. No country is bad or good it’s just because of just minority of people, whose good or bad deeds become popular and the country gets labelled. Most pakistanis and Indians want that both India and Pakistan shall maintain peace. I greatly agree with some points though.

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    1. Thank u for critically reviewing my post. What all we want is peace among humans.
      Politics & greed for authority have created many problems & common people are bearing the aftermaths.
      Some attitudinal change is also needed among majority & minority people.
      Welcome on my blog Shivee

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