My day 💖

Hi lovely friends 💝
So this is the 1st may today. Means, My day.
Thank god, there is a day even for me. For me 🙄
Well, it is.


21 years ago on the same day my mother was blessed with a cute baby. She experienced the most awaited feeling for a woman- to turn into a mother for the very first time. When god blessed her with the little angel. She gave birth to a cute baby, who looked at her face right after he was born & just thanked the mom. Everyone was happy there. The baby could see everyone’s face filled with glory. Papa was so happy. Then baby kicked papa & pissed. Everyone laughed. Baby also laughed, but no one noticed.

Baby was taken care of well. Mom always loved & papa too. Being ancestral Brahamin , his fate was written down in horoscopes. According to indian astrology he was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. horoscopes were noticed , name was given to baby.
Love was the only thing that every one knew towards the baby.
Time passed …
Baby grew up, started School, crossed some exams, did well in academics.
Baby was  loved at the same rate by mom & paa.
But now baby was seeming this love as a force. He was adolescent & wanted some freedom. Freedom means freedom. In outfit wearing ,  in finding his girl , in choosing his career , in lifestyle & blah blah blah…
He once noticed that Gemini people are genius. So he took the fact hand in hand.
Why not to take. We human are such made for. Thing that favours us is the best thing. Rest are waste material.


Boy recited freedom. He was offered a little.

He was given another name in the school. according to astrology the starting letter of this name comes under the zodiac sign of Aries. 

There are some difference between ancestral Indian astrology & that in English one. where ancestral follows the first letter of the person`s name while English follows the date of birth only. A person may have two zodiac signs if he follows both at the same time. as the case was with Boy. He found himself both Gemini & Aries. both were ancestral. according to English he was born in the hour of bull , means with the zodiac sign of Taurus.

3 zodiac signs for one person.

He was little bit confused. Which one to follow?

Hey dude. there is one more “The Chienese Horoscope” that follows animal signs.

Oh my god ! how many zodiac signs !

There is one more – “The Islamic astrology”

Which was true or which was not. does cosmos have all the information?

Not at all.

Then the boy started believing in himself.

He went to school & was caught up by a girl. something happened inside his heart. he became motionless. He smiled. He just shied. It was the first time when he was feeling something unusual. It was the LOVE BELL . He was new to that bell. But the Bell never rang. (I am not willing to write more about this )


He is 21 now. Quiet young, quiet mature, struggling for future, dreaming about his girl (trying to change the fate), reading books, noticing horoscopes in hope of something good in future. He misses his childhood .

mom&paa love still at the same rate. But they are at home, He is out of town. Though friends are here. new friends, fb friends,instagram friends, whatsapp friends. facebook also lets them know that it is his day today. then start the wishes. thank FB that friends spend 30 sec to write wishes. Everyone is busy. FB is doing great job.

Some friends dont try to write. they just simply pick an emoji that describes most efficiently what they want to say. I have seen the magic of emojis. when your thousand words letter doesn`t work , an emoji can create a vast difference.

This is time to reveal the name of the hero of the story( story might have bored you, thank you for reading with patience).

The Name is- Avdhesh Dadhich [अ = Aries , School name] , Kuldeep [क = Gemini, Birth name] , Avdhesh&Kuldeep( 1st may born = Taurus). 

So I am 21. some achievements with this number. means I am legally able to marry a girl. But girl is the rarest thing on the planet. At least for me. 

So worry not. My life will not be in change. i will let all you know when I would be going to knitted.

So what are you looking for , wish me .

okay , I start first.

Happy birthday to me .

Now it is your turn.

you can also wish me on my social pages simply clicking on the links given below.





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– Avdhesh


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