रफ़्ता रफ़्ता ….

रफ़्ता रफ़्ता आसमान ज़मीन पर झुकेगा |

रोशन होगा शमशान भी रफ़्ता रफ़्ता ||


शर्माना सीखेगा चाँद भी किसी दिन |

चांदनी मेरे घर भी बरसेगी रफ़्ता रफ़्ता ||


सीने की कसक ने यहाँ सोने नही दिया|

सुकून भी उतरेगा फलक से रफ़्ता रफ़्ता ||


पतझड़ का मौसम है अरसों से मेरे बगीचे  में |

बहार बेशुमार आएगी गुलशन में रफ़्ता रफ़्ता ||


हवा ने अभी ज़रा सा ही तो रुख बदला है |

पूरी की पूरी हवा भी बदलेगी रफ़्ता रफ़्ता ||




क्या आपने मेरी किताब पढ़ी ? अगर नही तो अभी पढ़े , यहाँ क्लिक करें


मेरी अन्य हिंदी कविताये पढने के लिए, यहाँ क्लिक करें



Hi everyone.
I am very glad to tell you about my debut book WEAVING THE THREADS.

My dream  comes true.
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I hope you will like it.

With best regards

I was boycotted


I was boycotted
When I reached at the top
I was boycotted
When I got the hidden treasure
I smiled in the arms of fortune
I hoped to be happy either
But sudden I was boycotted
I  bathed under the magical fountain
Surpassed the infinite vertical mountain
I was playing the flute of love happily
But sudden I was boycotted.
I was boycotted
Because I ruined the rituals
That no one can break
But I broke
I was boycotted.


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Another joy


WordPress congratulated me for getting 500 likes .
Thank u fellow bloggers making this possible.
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छोड़ दूं


आज रहबर नहीं है तो क्या राह छोड़ दूँ।
पास मरहम नहीं है तो क्या आस छोड़ दूँ।।

वो मिलने आएगा ये बात आज तक याद है मुझे।
मैं अब जीना छोड़ दूं या उसकी याद छोड़ दूं।।

मैं ऐसा भूला उसको कि आशियाना पीछे रह गया।
उसे आज थोडा दूर छोड़ दूं या पास छोड़ दूं।।

आज महफ़िल में वहां राज़-ए-इश्क़ खुलेगा शायद।
मैं उनके हिस्से जीत लूं या अपनी मात छोड़ दूं।।

चाहे हर बार मुकरते है वो अपनी कही जुबान से।
इसी डर से घबरा के क्या मैं बात छोड़ दूं।।

होना था जो हो रहा है, मेरा मुस्कुराना खो रहा है।
अब मुस्कुराना भूल जाऊं या अफ़्लात छोड़ दूं।।


Celebration 🏆


Hi fellow Bloggers !
This has been an awesome journey in blogging world. I met with many talented &  creative people. Some of them are really sound while reading. Naming such Bloggers will be just like showing mirror to sun so I am not mentioning any specific name.
So I heartily thank  all great personalities that they somehow managed them to read my unworthy posts.
So i am celebrating this little achievement that came in my kitty.
Now I have 100 followers !
Looking forward for more lovely followers .

With best regards



जब दुख के बादल तुमसे ज्यादा ऐंठे ।
तब माँ के आँचल को सर पर लपेटें ।।

गुलशन जो आज इतरा रहा है खूबसूरती पर ।
पहले अपनी माँ का शुक्रिया अदा कर के लौटे ।।

हसीनों की ज़ुल्फ़ों तले क्या मिला है किसी को ।
खुशी चाहने वाला बेझिझक माँ का दामन ओढ़े ।।

क्या सूफ़ी और क्या पंडित के पैर पकड़ता है ।
गर जन्नत की तलब है तो माँ के पैर धो लें ।।

लगता है कि तकलीफों ने अपना कद बढ़ा लिया है ।
उन्हें कहो कभी मेरे माँ के सिरहाने आकर बैठें ।।

मातृ दिवस पर मेरी अंग्रजी में रचना भी पढें , यहाँ क्लिक करें

© Avdhesh

Happy Mother`s Day

“I am much worried” , the God of life said.

Why“, asked the fellows of the God.

“I am going to send the very first angel on the earth but I am worried about his/her upbringing there.” , he said.

“Then what to do sir?”, asked the fellows.

“Though the angel will be taken care of by the lady whom he/she will be born to, but I am confused about the name of the lady the angel would put on his/her tongue for very first time.”

“Mother (माँ)” , yelled the goddess while taking care of her angel.

“Mother! what an auspicious name!, isn`t it?”

Hi everyone!

A very happy Mother`s day to all of you.

Look , how your faces became glorified as soon as you listened the word “Mother”.

Then isn`t it an auspicious word?

well, It is.

We have been in deep sorrows since endless times & not finding the right way yet. Then listen this word. you wll recall the magic of your mom`s lap. All of your fears & worries used to become disappear when you were in the magical lap.

Am I wrong?

May be.

But this is what i have felt.

Mother is the best creation on the planet. She cares for her children till her death. She plays with the little angels like a doll, sings songs for them(though she doesn`t sing well) , spends sleepless nights concerning about their inconvenience, visits school alongwith them, holds fasts for their long life.

what She doesn`t do ?

Everything. She does everyting.

But why?

Because She is Mother. Mothers are made such. They expect nothing in return. They simply care. No matter you are her son or not. Just call her Mom, She is ready to bless you.

Let them care. Let them weave our dreams with their soft hands as like they used to knit our sweater in the late misty nights of winters.

But we shouldn`t become such selfish.

We should also take care of Mom.

I have a great plan to be followed on this Mothers` Day to get bundled of your Mom`s blessings.

Go & Hug your Mom.

She will be pleased, for sure. She will weep in the side corners of her eyes, hiding tears from you.

But these are not tears. these are the drops of “nectar”.

Let your Mom to have some drops of nectar in her eyes today.

Also read my poem in hindi , click here


That Flower


I am a robot
,Live in a garden
Surrounded by beautiful blooms
In the ocean of sweet fragnance
Under the umbrella of attraction
On the edge of extreme beauty
Beauty that is a sweet morsel
Morsel that arouses people
People that are mad about Charmingness
Charmingness that grabs all in the same way
I neglected beauty so simply
I am a robot
Though I’ve seen
The goddess of spring
The goddess of bees
The princess of love
The god of eddies
& Much more…..
For ages….
Always being neutral
One day i fell in love
With a simple flower
With no fragrance
No beauty
No color
With nothing special
But i smiled every time
Whenever i looked at that.
Why ?