Quitting the game


Were you laughing at me ?

Now stop this rubbish.
I have changed my tone.

What ?

You listened well. Now i am back
Back means back, for forever.

But why?

Because , rolling in midst of the things pours you in the severe dilemma where you are unable to see light. You become just a toy of clay in the hands of the potter & potter can give you shape what he likes. But if clay toy comes after burning it cant be shaped.
So now i am burnt clay.
Burning is not just a ridiculous thing , it is the essence. We should learn how to burn. But be careful that burning endlessly can harm your body. So quit as early as possible until your body will be full with black acnes.
World is full with opportunities. Grab them. No one will push you that i experienced. It’s up to you how you look things.
Being solemnly indulged in the purity made me blind to see world’s reality. World is full with nasty things which seems beautiful on the upper mask . most of the people have masks on their face . i didn’t put mask & was chopped off. They took me as a mad.
Still i won’t put any mask. I am what i am. Let people love me for what i am.

Backing doesn’t sound like loosing the game its like you let one to live well.

Well…., I AM BACK

Avdhesh Dadhich


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