Modi !, Modi !

The name is again in the clouds.
What a charisma that person has?
Are you considering me as a biased person?
No, i am not.

The results of 5 states’ elections say that thing. He again has made his wave alive. Public has chosen him to rule over them . public of UP & UTTARAKHAND has given consent to BJP . PUNJAB , MANIPUR , GOA has allowed to rule them by the hands of congress.
What were the circumstances, what went wrong , there are so many questions to discuss.

But there is one thing that Indian politics is in its one of good times. May be bad times.
The charisma is going as endless. Congress also showed some positive signs for future agendas.
This is the debatable topic that will lead into fight in end. I am not the person to judge anyone as a best . what i want is to draw your attention about  problems existed in these states.

Inadequate lawℴ mechanism, crime, communal riots, naxalism, development, employment generation, these are the problems that is in way ahead before coming leaders.
What will be the aftermaths?
This question is now to be judged.
But what is trending in social gatherings whether in virtual or real right now is a single name – modi.

Such a unprecedented leader.

Don’t beleive on my tongue. See the reality.
I am neutral.
We may be slightly differ in views. But it is true that a leader lives in that person named- modi.

Avdhesh Dadhich


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