Are you young , energetic , dreamer ?
If yes, then the word “fantasy” is not new for you, for sure.
What is fantasy ?
Can’t describe?
Let me do so for you.
Being in early twenties I have fantasies, too.
Fantasy means imaginations. Where you create your own beautiful world. You allow dragon to fly, you allow yourself to fall in love with a fairy, you allow moon to hang on your window, you allow yourself to be immortal with immense power, you allow yourself to do anything so easily.
You create a world of fantasy where everything is possible. What can’t be done on earth, is possible in this world. You can choose anyone to be mingle with. You can fly wherever you want to. You can laugh at anyone & can clear any toughest exam just in overnight.
You can create what you want.
Is that possible ?
Yeah…in your mind.
Vast fantasies exist inside your mind.
Everyone has his/her fantasies. So you , & so I & so any third person has fantasies.
In other words, fantasy is life that push you to go ahead.
Some fantasies never come true. They simply exist in your heart for ages.
Then why we have such fantasies that never come true.
Because we are human. We always try to be optimistic whatever the situation is. More far the fantasy is, greater you will tend to live.
Everyone has fantasies. In short life is not possible without dreams , so it becomes essential.
So have that innocent fantasy alive. Fantasy will never come true , don’t bother. You will cross the life smoothly staring at that fantasy.
Choose fantasy, life is subordinate to it.

I would be having more fantasies.
…. means more life ahead .

Would you ?

Quitting the game


Were you laughing at me ?

Now stop this rubbish.
I have changed my tone.

What ?

You listened well. Now i am back
Back means back, for forever.

But why?

Because , rolling in midst of the things pours you in the severe dilemma where you are unable to see light. You become just a toy of clay in the hands of the potter & potter can give you shape what he likes. But if clay toy comes after burning it cant be shaped.
So now i am burnt clay.
Burning is not just a ridiculous thing , it is the essence. We should learn how to burn. But be careful that burning endlessly can harm your body. So quit as early as possible until your body will be full with black acnes.
World is full with opportunities. Grab them. No one will push you that i experienced. It’s up to you how you look things.
Being solemnly indulged in the purity made me blind to see world’s reality. World is full with nasty things which seems beautiful on the upper mask . most of the people have masks on their face . i didn’t put mask & was chopped off. They took me as a mad.
Still i won’t put any mask. I am what i am. Let people love me for what i am.

Backing doesn’t sound like loosing the game its like you let one to live well.

Well…., I AM BACK

Avdhesh Dadhich

Thank God


Thank GOD

Sun still shines
Butterfly still flies
Girl still shies
Though everything became dry for a while
But, thank GOD
Princess still resides.

Thank GOD

Bird still whispers
pink still colors
Sprite still occurs
Though my heart was in black shadows
But, Thank GOD
Light still shutters.

Thank GOD

Rain still revives
Fairy still arrives
lips still smiles
Though my luck is so worst than anything
But, Thank GOD
goddess still blesses.

Thank GOD

Beauty still catches
Eye still blinks
Face still grins
Though a cute face was in my eyes for years
But, Thank GOD
alternative still exists.

Thank GOD!

Avdhesh Dadhich



Modi !, Modi !

The name is again in the clouds.
What a charisma that person has?
Are you considering me as a biased person?
No, i am not.

The results of 5 states’ elections say that thing. He again has made his wave alive. Public has chosen him to rule over them . public of UP & UTTARAKHAND has given consent to BJP . PUNJAB , MANIPUR , GOA has allowed to rule them by the hands of congress.
What were the circumstances, what went wrong , there are so many questions to discuss.

But there is one thing that Indian politics is in its one of good times. May be bad times.
The charisma is going as endless. Congress also showed some positive signs for future agendas.
This is the debatable topic that will lead into fight in end. I am not the person to judge anyone as a best . what i want is to draw your attention about  problems existed in these states.

Inadequate lawℴ mechanism, crime, communal riots, naxalism, development, employment generation, these are the problems that is in way ahead before coming leaders.
What will be the aftermaths?
This question is now to be judged.
But what is trending in social gatherings whether in virtual or real right now is a single name – modi.

Such a unprecedented leader.

Don’t beleive on my tongue. See the reality.
I am neutral.
We may be slightly differ in views. But it is true that a leader lives in that person named- modi.

Avdhesh Dadhich

Women`s day special


Hi there!

Today is International women`s day.

When there are so many days celebrated every day, we have secured a day to celebrate feminine power. Off course it sounds good that at least we are going in some right way. But there is an immediate need of more strengthened steps for women empowerment. We should leave our biased approach. All are equal. There are many examples of women who fought with struggles and made their way to success. Kaplana Chawala , PT Usha, Lata mangeshakar, Malala Yousufzai ,Sania MIrza & many more. The list is endless.

We also have many examples from ancient times . Gargi,Matrie & many others made us to feel proud . were all these women special . was success written in their destiny? Were they already entitled to get success.


It was their hard work that paid off. Its not to being specific . all are unique, have capabilities. What we need is hard work.

Everyone has struggles, every one makes excuses, we all have a big bundle of problems with us.

Off course you have.

No matter , but will you leave the way in such a way ?

Without trying.

This is not fair.

Look I am telling you a magic trick from which you can get what you want.

Will you follow my words properly?


I have only word to say.


That is the Mantra.

This mantra is not biased in nature. It works equal  for both men & women.

So do you believe in yourself.

If not, then start believing from today onwards.

                                My poem ( Believe , Believe)


When you find yourself in a exile

Just do one thing ‘a smile’

Have you still gotten relief

if not, Then look for BELIEVE.


Yes, there is a great pain

But there also exists rain

What all you need is a zeal

So go & grab that BELIEVE.


I know the way of sorrow

But, there also occurs morrow

Are you fearing from cliff

Do one thing, hold BELIEVE ,hold BELIEVE.



Avdhesh Dadhich