How to become an IITian by Ayush Singhal( IIT JEE AIR-371,2013)


Hi there!

First of all I am thankful to  Ayush Singhal (IIT JEE AIR-371 , 2013) for his consent to talk with you curious students. He is a great personality inside, believe me . he is my good friend and had played a lot of cricket with me at my maternal town in Dausa(Rajasthan). He is keen interested in academic activities. He has seen the exam phobia very nearly & has conquered on it. We often meet & talk for the betterment of the needy ones. He has a great desire to help needy students. I personally appreciate his mindset. So , I have tried to capture his struggle in the below paras. Read below….


  1. Tell me about your Schooling .

I did my early Schooling from SHARDA PUBLIC SCHOOL , MANPUR, DAUSA. Then I moved to ARADHANA PUBLIC SCHOOL, DAUSA. I got 92.67% in 10th board & 91.40% in 12th with RBSE.

  1. Have you joined any coaching institute?

Not specific coaching for board exams. But yes, I joined VIBRANT ACADEMY KOTA ” for my JEE preparation.

  1. What you are doing , currently?

Currently I am in the final year at IIT BOMBAY in Mechanical Branch.very recently I have gotten placement in FAURECIA , a MNC.

  1. Your strategy for preparation of IIT JEE ENTRANCE .

This exam is not such kind of IMPOSSIBLE as we listen rumor about it. What makes it impossible & possible , is our will power & right strategy. This exam is created to be cracked as any other exam also.

My strategies during prepration.

  1. First go through the previous year papers.
  2. Focus on concepts rather than cramming theories all time.
  3. If you are in 12th , focus on your board exams alongwith . after board exams sit for the JEE.
  4. Practice numerical questions as much as you can.
  5. Also consult with your teachers & friends about your problems and off course with me on this website.
  6. Have a good diet, sleep .


  1. Recommended book list.


for board exams– NCERT

For JEE mains ( Organic & Inorganic ) – NCERT

For JEE Advanced – Arihant Publication Books(I found them pretty much comprehensive in the nature )

Other books you can go for – P. Bahadur ( physical chemistry)



for board exams- NCERT

For JEE mains-NCERT

For JEE Advanced- Arihant publication Books

Other books you can go for- H.C. verma for Physics



for board exams- NCERTs

For JEE mains- NCERTs

For JEE Advanced- Arihant Publication Books

Other books you can go for-  R.D. Sharma(maths)

Books list may differ from one topper to another . what we need is conceptual clarity. Reading many books at a time is not the key to success. Read specific but revise several times.

  1. What are your hobbies. Is it worth to give time to hobbies during preparation?

My hobbies are- watching movies, listing good music, playing badminton , reading successful persons etc.

I think hobby shows your personality and one should not make compromise with that. It is true that success needs so much hard work but it is not meant that we should put our hobbies away. Hobby is food to your boredom. Follow your hobby when you are bored up & need some refreshment. But , sit back again after refreshment.

  1. Your message to future aspirants.

I want to say one thing that never consider yourself as a looser. You have capacity , only hard work with patience is required. Talk with experienced people about your problems but never give up.

Solve numerical questions rather than reading theories to get success in this exam. Sometimes we can learn concept through numerical questions directly.

If you have any query , you can write to me in comment box……

Happy preparation time



Thank you for giving your volunteer efforts. I am personally thankful to you , my friend.


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