How to use full stop in English?


Hey !  Do you write on daily basis?


Can I ask you a question?

Should we use space after a full stop in a sentence before new sentence?

Difficult question?

If you are also amazed on the question. Find out the answer below.


AS PER ENGLISH GRAMMAR RULES-( conventions of english grammar)
-there should be a full stop after the completion of every sentence.

-Similarly there should be some space after fullstop.

-if there would be no space after full stop then it will appear like an abbreviation. Example- M.A. , B.Ed. etc.

-space after full stop helps in preventing messing up of sentences & brings clarity in recognising that the two sentences are different & not joined up.


It’s not mandatory to put space before full stop.

But its a requirement to put atleast a little bit of space after full stop so that the full stop is easily visible & there is no bunching up of 2 sentences.


Avdhesh Dadhich


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