Are you a topper ?


Nice click ever , Dude !
Finally you are going to read yourself. This article lets you to look into you. So read alongwith.

So you are a topper .
Nice .
Have you gotten your dream or still chasing it ?
How difficult is it to get success ?
Is success the game of overnight ?
Success seeks a great determination inside you . hard work comes next & patience comes on third .
You have seen that the most of the people don’t get the appropriate success what they are able for. They make many excuses for that, but all these excuses are just myths and nothing else.they still have same powers .only they have to believe in them.afterall they are topper.
Many blame that they cant get success because they are from small background ,their paa & grandpaa has also not gotten the success then how can they .
Such kinds of claims are just only state of mind .
You are still the same person . everyone is unique . no one is bounded to follow others thoughts . afterall our constitution gives freedom to all .

The most solid reason behind your late success is – following someone odd forcefully & stopping your freedom of expression .
There are a big list of rules & regulations for toppers in the society .
“you should do this .”
“you should not do this.”
So strict rules .
Oh my god !

Where has gone his/her own rules ?
There is a burden of expectations on your back all the time . you need to become a good doctor , a good engineer , a good lawyer etc . who has the time to listen his/her heart .
He/she cant resist because he/she love his society. So he chooses the society`s decision not his own . when it comes to choose out a right career , a youngster feels such kind of insecurity that is well known. But still he cant choose on his own.

Such kind of dilemmas are not new. Every generation crosses every stage of life . but what all I want to say is that generate a power to resist & listen to your heart till it is too late .
Because a champion lives inside you . make that champion alive again . find your area of excellence & achieve the feat . the world wants to see your powers again.

“है हौसला तो ख़ुद ढूंढ ले अपनी मंिज़ल |
क्यूं किसी गै़र से मंजि़ल का पता मांगे है ||”

Avdhesh Dadhich


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