How to make Kashmir heaven again ?


Kashmir is an integral part of India since independence . As it is mentioned in constitution the nation has its sovereignty over Kashmir . But the war of 1965 & 1971 by Pakistan tended to territory dispute .
But the Kashmir valley is not just a matter about land dispute but also a permanent residence of millions of people .
But the kashmiri people are having many problems such as
1 feeling of insecurity
2. Censorship by nation
3. Article 370
4. Lower infrastructure in hilly areas
5. Communal riots
6. Increasing anti national terrorist activities.

Despite of these problems several reforms have been taken by Govt like UDAAN , UMEED etc .But the results are not likewise .Hence , we still need better enforcement of our initiatives in Kashmir valley making kashmirians able to participate in governance .
Following solutions can be made .
1 . govt should invest in infrastructure in remote areas .
2. Cyber security provisions should be further strengthened .
3. Valley people should be appealed to participate in govt’s propaganda .
4. State should provide flexibility in censorship laws .
5 .grievances redressal  agency should be further improved .

Thus , with necessary provisions govt can try to solve Kashmir valley issue in longer run .
Spreading awareness among people internal security can be achieved .
Avdhesh Dadhich


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