How to counter pakistan ?


The two countries have been in cold war since independence.  Pakistan supported terrorism as form of counter policy against India & Afghanistan. But now this the terror leaders are demanding autonomy & political powers . Taliban has been divided in two parts as “Good” & “Bad” Taliban .

Pakistan has been talking on Kashmir issue as a part of its territory enhancement policy .
Recently death of Burhan wani in Kashmir valley led many questions on Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the valley in the sense of human rights violation .

Pakistan has led the issue in UN . in ongoing situation there came the terrorist attack in Uri sector of army camp . India took surgical strike as quick response.

There are some solutions below to counter pak policy …

1 . Indus water treaty
Water is a sensitive issue all the time . there has been many problems on Dam project on Kishanganga river . river Indus that flows India to pakistan is lifeline in pakistan. So any resolution can create livelihood problems in pakistan .

2. Balouchistan
There has been demand of separation in the region thatswhy human rights violation by authorities is a major issue in pakistan. The prime minister Narendra Modi raised this issue in the independence day speech this year .

3. Withdrawal of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status
There is a tag of MFN status in the WTO guidelines in bilateral trade . India has given MFN status to pakistan. India’s export exceeds import with pakistan . so withdrwal of status may be a solution but not so powerful because trade is negligible with the neighbour.

4. Stoping illegal terror funding
Indian money was used in terror funding to non state actors via loopholes as black money . the recent step of demonetization of high value currency notes is a severe setback on terror funding .

5. Chahbahar port
As a part of strategic policy India invested in Iran . this will increase trade with west & central Asia & Europe bypassing Pakistan . it will provide maritime security in Arab sea zone having an eye on chinese led Gwador port in pakistan . 

The World seeks silence between the two nations . lets dream for the same .

Avdhesh Dadhich

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