The ill judiciary


A country with a vast demography has a problem of inadequate talent in its judicial framework . it means that we are still not par with our judicial demands . our so called demography has turned into a burden in inefficient management.

A plenty of vacancies are there in Indian judicial department that shows the lacunas of bad infrastructure . supreme court is hearing approximately 90 cases average in a day and thousands of cases are still pending . all the high courts also have same scene .

So to reduce the burden on supreme court there was a recommendation of National Court Of Appeal in diffrent parts of the country .
But what about the vacancies that still exists ?

We talk about collegium . but this also is not the supreme form of transparency  . so the problem somehow exists in our infrastructure.

The present collegium has certain lacunas , it doesn’t give equal participation to states CJIs .
Overall there is a immediate need of filling adequate staff in the judicial framework so SC can work on constitutionally important cases .


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