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Welcome to my blog.  I love writing in my leisure time because a vacant mind is devil’s home”. This is the way i try to express myself and utilize my time. Being an Indian citizen i am well aware of my fundamental right (right to freedom of expression) mentioned in article 19 in Indian constitution. I write on various topics ranging from poetry, science & technology, humanities to current burning issues. I write in flexible manner as i am a freelancer. I also do part time freelance writing on freelancer.com If you like my writing genre you can hire me for your blog, Unique0111.
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Before starting, read yourself
I blog not because I think the world needs my opinion but because telling my stories connects me to other people in a way that makes both our lives richer.

Recently I have published my book named WEAVING THE THREADS that is available on amazon kindle. You can purchase the book, here .

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1. AYUSH SINGHAL (IIT JEE AIR- 371 , 2013)